Business Activities in Sweden – 9 Tips

A colleague of mine, professional translator Tess Whitty, has compiled a list of important resources for anyone who is about to start business activities in Sweden. You'll find the whole list at this link: Swedish Translation Services – Doing Business in Sweden.

Consult Us for Swedish Translation

When entering a new market, it is a good idea to work out a strategy for translating your main documents.

Although most people in Sweden have a good knowledge of English, it is recommended that you localize all your marketing material and translate it into Swedish. You may also want to translate your website into the local language. This tends to open a lot of doors. The fact is that studies have shown that most customers prefer to read about products and services in their own native language.

Therefore, the first step would be to consult a skilled, professional Swedish translator who can turn your English documents into appealing and idiomatically correct Swedish texts.

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