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Are you looking for a specialized Swedish translation expert? Whether you are interested in English to Swedish or translation into any other Scandinavian language, or German, we can help.

Swedish Translation Specialist

Originally, we started off by providing a relatively advanced industry (the patent industry) with Swedish translation. Achieving high quality in this type of language service, places specific demands on a translator in the form of language skills, accuracy, management, collaboration and punctuality. Thanks to this experience, we rapidly developed, and soon we were able to offer other types of English-Swedish translation as well.

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Our Language Solutions

At Intergraphia, we do not only translate into Swedish and English. We also cover the other Scandinavian languages: Danish and Norwegian. In some cases, we can even offer Finnish.

A Summary of What We Can Do for You:

  • English, German, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish translation (other languages by request)
  • Proofreading
  • Language editing
  • Transcreation
  • Quality control
  • Efficient file conversion (if required)
  • Handling of various file formats

Want to know more? Download and read Advantages of Consulting Intergraphia (Slideshare).

Choosing the right translation agency can make a huge difference. It can lead to a wider use of your product/service, lower support costs, and of course, more satisfied clients. Take a look at our guide on how to buy language services.

Native-speaking Translators

No matter what language you are interested in, all our services are undertaken by native professionals with several years of experience.

Professional and Specialized Translation

To meet the needs of your business, we focus on delivering the highest possible quality, consistent terminology, specialized translation and on-time delivery.

Communicating messages is a key feature in most businesses today, especially if you represent a global company. With this in mind, it is a good idea to make sure that your translator has the tools and the knowledge to achieve a satisfying result.

Sometimes you end up in a situation where you know that your text contains a very specific terminology. You then realize that you need more than translation. In other words, you need a translator with specialized knowledge.

At Intergraphia, we handle business documents as well as documents related to very specific topics. We can do so because some of our translators are more than just skilled linguists – they specialize in specific subject areas. For example, we can provide you with technical translation, business translation, texts related to biology, chemistry, energy, and environmental documentation.


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Full Member of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators